Trust and Estate Services

At Focus LLP, we understand that dealing with taxes upon death and estate planning are crucial activities in a person’s life. You can trust us to handle your needs in a professional and efficient manner.

We will help alleviate the burdens of planning and completing necessary tax filings that occur upon death and we offer a wide range of services to meet those needs.


Our Trust Services:

  • Trust Income Tax
  • Trust Tax Returns
  • Trust Distributions Slips
  • Trust Set-up Consultations
  • Dissolving of Trusts
  • Services for Trust Administrators and Trustees

Our Estate Services:

  • Estate Planning
  • Terminal Return
  • Estate Income Tax
  • Services for Executors and Beneficiaries

Family Trust Services

We can help you determine if setting up an inter-vivos family trust is the right option for you.  We can also prepare financial statements, T3 trust tax returns, and the accompanying T3 slips for income allocations.

T3 Graduated Rate Estate Tax Returns

In most cases, additional returns are required to be filed after the death of the individuals, particularly when there are assets that are disposed of after the date of death.  We can ensure that all required returns and information is reported correctly and accurately for the first 36 months after the date of death.

Final T1 Personal Tax Returns

The preparation of the final T1 personal tax return has many additional rules and considerations compared to a normal T1 return.  We can ensure that the return is prepared correctly and accurately to ensure no tax liability for the executors of the estate.

CRA Clearance Certificate Requests

To relieve the executors of the tax liability for the estate, once all returns have been filed and assessed by the Canada Revenue Agency, the final step is to make a request for clearance certificates.

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