Tax Compliance Services

We are committed to ensuring you are positioned to provide the best wealth preservation and the most efficient tax structure.

Our Tax Compliance Services:

  • Individual taxes
  • Corporate taxes
  • Trust taxes
  • Special elections 
  • Goods and Services Tax
  • Tax Planning

Why you should choose Focus LLP to be your accountants?

  • We provide tax advice based on years of experience and current tax training so you don’t pay more tax than required.
  • We accurately prepare your tax returns
  • We file your tax returns on time to avoid interest and penalties
  • We can assist you in making the best decisions in regard to your tax issues
  • We can handle CRA audits or inquiries on your behalf
  • We can review your corporate structure to ensure the most efficient tax outcomes

Individual Taxes

We focus on the personal tax filings of the shareholders of our corporate clients and those individuals with more complex returns (i.e. larger investment portfolios, rental properties, and self-employed income).

Trust Taxes

We can prepare T3 trust returns for inter-vivos trusts (ie. Family Trusts) that may be setup in a variety of tax planning structures. We also can prepare the T3 slips for income distribution to beneficiaries.

Corporate Taxes

We prepare corporate income tax filings for your business including the Federal T2 return, Alberta AT1 return, and T5013 partnership returns.  Information returns prepared include T4, T5, T5013, and T5018.

Tax Planning

We can review your current corporate structures and personal tax situation and provide advice on how you may be able to operate more tax efficiently, while complying with all current tax legislation.

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