Financial Statements and Business Consulting

Focus knows how important it is to complete your Financial Statements on time without tax penalty or interest.

Along with our Financial Analysis,  we can help you to determine the success and status of your company.

Our Financial Statement Commitment:

  • Good Communication
  • Progress Reports
  • Review of Financial Statements
  • Quick Turnaround

Business Consulting Services

  • Ensure you understand your Financial Information
  • Use ratio and trend analysis to better understand your business
  • Assist with succession planning
  • Advise in the acquisition or sale of a business

Compilation Engagements – Notice to Reader

Notice to Reader financials are completed within three weeks of intake. The majority of our small business clients pursue this level of reporting. It is appropriate for closely held companies and situations where management are the owners and all of the owners are familiar with the numbers. 

Compilation engagements are completed within three to four weeks of intake.

Review Engagements – Accounting Standards for Private Enterprises (ASPE)

For larger companies who are obtaining financing, bonding, or have shareholders who are not involved with day-to-day operations, a review engagement is typically the right approach.

Review Engagement – Financial Statements are completed within 4 -6 weeks of intake.


Key Ratios available

  • Current Ratio,
  • Debt to Equity ratio
  • Gross Profit Percentage
  • Net Working Capital
  • Working Capital Turnover
  • Inventory Turnover
  • Number of Days in Accounts Receivable

Why do I need to do ratio and trend analysis?

Understanding your business through ratio and trend analysis will allow you to plan future purchases for your company, assist with leasing or financing decisions, help with succession valuation planning and other analytical tools to help you gauge your business.

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